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How To Ride A Shark In Fortnite

Season 2 has been washed away leaving Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 in its wake. This aquatic-themed season features a mostly flooded map with a handful of new POI’s. As the season progresses the water will recede unveiling even more new locations and game-changing mechanics. There are already a few changes to the core game at the start of season 3 including new weapons, whirlpools, and rideable sharks.

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The Fortnite Season 3 intro cutscene starts with Meowscles riding a pair of skis behind a shark. The shark is pulling him along much like a boat, and as comedic as this scene is, it’s actually a real gameplay mechanic. Season 3 introduces the ability to ride behind sharks as a faster way to traverse the now flooded map. Sharks can be quite dangerous, but with the right equipment and quick reflexes, players catch a shark and ride him to victory.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

How To Ride A Shark In Fortnite

Finding a shark to ride is the first step to riding one. Sharks can be found swimming around islands or through flooded POIs. They like to swim close to shore waiting for a chance to jump out of the water to attack the player. When a shark is found music ominous music will start to play alerting the player that a shark is nearby v bucks codes . The music also grows more intense as the shark gets closer to attacking the player.

Unlike other vehicles, players can’t just interact with a shark to ride one. They will need a fishing pole that can be found in barrels that are located on docks or close to the water. The player will then need to be on the shore close to a shark. They will then need to cast their rod out into the water and wait for the shark to become interested. Once the shark has seen the player’s bobber is will attack it causing the player to be pulled into the water onto a pair of skis. Now the player can ride the shark and can also press a button to boost the shark’s speed and to jump over obstacles.

Sharks can traverse land for a short amount of time but are much faster in water. While riding a shark, players will not be able to use any weapons nor will they be able to build. It is also important to note that players can steer the shark left and right, but turning around is slower than most vehicles.