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another round of Fortnite item shop updates.

another round of Fortnite item shop updates. They’re not all winners, but today’s definitely stands out, although it may not at first be clear why.

Meet “Farmer Steel,” a rugged old man with all the familiar farmer trappings: A straw hat, flannel shirt, and a weathered face that’s seen a few too many winters. What makes such a man of the earth interesting? Well, you may also notice that he’s got not one, but two prosthetic legs holding him up.


Unlike Octane from Apex Legends, who lost his legs in a fairly comical extreme stunt gone wrong, Farmer Steel definitely looks like v buck generator he’s had his prosthetic legs for a while, given the rust and general wear and tear a life of farming must bring about. While we don’t really get lore on the same level for Fortnite skins, it’s nice to think that Epic is including different kinds of people who happen to sport a disability.

We also got a new style for the Zorgotron alien skin. Ol’ Zorg has traded in his white jumpsuit for a dark version, giving him a slightly more sinister flair.

fortnite item shop(Image credit: Epic Games)
Farmer Steel is worth 1,200 V-Bucks (roughly $10-$12), and you’ll also get some backbling that looks like a motorized backpack that could run several riding lawnmowers. John Deere won’t know what hit him.

There’s also the Power Pitch pickaxe, which looks like a thresher and a Chevy engine mated for something horrendously beautiful. That’s going to cost you 800 V-Bucks (something like $6-$8). The Zorgotron skin will also run you 1,200 V-Bucks, but at least you get two styles for that.